Today I’m wearing my pleated skirt Fall version!

The trend of 2016 is the pleated skirt. When I first wore this skirt I told you how I was inspired to buy a pleated skirt. I actually havn’t worn it that much yet because it’s a fairly heavy skirt and quite warm. But now it’s time to get it out of the closet and wear it a lot. The pleated skirt is seen in every collection in every color and even with prints. When I was in the UK a few weeks ago, I saw this one but didn’t buy it. Now I regret it, it’s almost sold out. And they are so versatile, wear it with a high heeled shoe and it’s dressed. Wearing boots with heels or ankle boots, it becomes more casual and when you wear a flat boot it gives the look a bit of an edge. The pleated skirt is a great garment.

Beauty is in the simplicity….

That’s what the sweater says. I am not a person that has much with spells and texts who are to be called profound. It is that it’s in French, it sounds good, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it. Beauty is in the simplicity, yeah we all know that. We all know that we should enjoy the little things , that we have to realize what we have, that we should be grateful etc. etc. …most people are going to do that when life is no longer that obvious…. and there is nothing wrong with that. People should live there lives the best they can, the way they want to. I think the important thing is satisfaction! When you’re not satisfied, you can’t enjoy simple things. And probably also not simple things for that matter. I am glad I am a happy person. But well… the text actually refers to my taste in style. I like my outfits without to much prints, without to much accesories, without to much of anything. And is there anything wrong with that? No, I am satisfied with it! What else do you want?

What I wear on my pleated skirt?

I would love to wear the skirt with  a nice thick sweater with very long sleeves and a large col. But not just yet, we’ll do that in Winter! I’m wearing a thin sweater, a coated bikerjacket and my favorite lace-up boots that I bought four years ago because they were so beautiful just to look at…..and that’s exactly what I ve been doing ……looking at them. The heel was to high, but I brought them to the shoemaker( is that a correct word? It sounds strange) and he has taken a small piece of the heel and they are perfect now! I’m so happy with it!

Skirt:  *here

Boots: old, but saw some fantastic ones *here

Jacket: old, but a nice one *here

This article is part of the Burgertrutjes Blog Challenge

I wish you all a great day!



  1. Wow—I’m loving this look Nancy!
    I don’t even have a pleated skirt in my closet, but because it’s such a feminine item, it does that yin/yang thing with the leather jacket!
    Great idea about having the heel shortened on your boots—I don’t think I’ve ever thought to do that!

    • Yes I know, you’re responsible for the fact I love them now! I always bring mine to him, it’s ideal. He is also very funny because if Gerben picks a pair up for me, he always asks if Gerben is going to wear them this evening! Liftoff, funny guy. (Not sure if you understand, or appreciate, Dutch humor)

  2. I have been wanting to get a pleated skirt, but a little worried about how I’d style it. I really love this look, because its more on the casual side with the tee, jacket and booties! It def. has a little edge to it, too! Cute tee, btw!!


    • Thank you I am also going to wear it with flat boots and a warm sweater, that s even more casual! Or with a cardigan and belt? I hope to see one soon on your blog!

    • Waarom vooral bij anderen? Een plooirok kun je juist op zoveel manieren stylen. Ik ga ‘m ook een keer dragen met stoere platte laarzen. Gewoon een keer proberen in een pashokje en style zoals jij het leuk vind. Misschien vind je het wel heel verrassend.

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