me and meditating

I will try to meditate.

I am interested for a while now in meditation because I can relax very pourly. But because relaxing and unwinding is so important for my body, and mind, ( it is for everybody, but I mean with my pour health)I wanted to try it. But you know how it goes, months go by and not once I started meditating. But for a couple of weeks ago I was so very stressed that I thought: enough is enough! Let’s start unwinding!

Meditation is still not very well known to everyone in the Western world. If you ask some random people on the street whether they ever meditate, the majority will indicate that they havn’t and some will even look surprised too. Because meditation is for alternative people who live in their own world isn’t that so? It’s not, meditation seems to be very relaxing and can work redemtive for everyone. There seems to be no exceptions. Well, I am ready to try!starting meditation

What is actually meditate?

Meditating means according to Wikipedia: concentrate on his inner deep thought. Other defenitions are: concentrating exercise with the aim to understand and strenghten the spirit, and concentrate on the breathing, on a particular object or chanting mantras. Well I skip the chanting mantra thing!unwinding with meditation

Do it your own way.

Meditation is something that can’t be captured in one sentence. For one meditation can mean you sit in one position for half an hour in a peaceful area on a meditation cushion with some music turned in yourself. For the other it’s to shut the world outside for a while with closed eyes and to let your mind run free, or to try to not think anything at all. But you can also meditate while walking through nature. Have no idea on how to do that! The agreement between all forms is that you turn to yourself and become aware of yourself.meditation cuchin

Important parts of meditation.

Breathing is the most important part of meditating. Anyone who is not familiar with meditation, like me, will be consciously busy in the first period with regulation of breathing. And you know that breathing is a problem for me. Because of our busy lifes we are not used to having an extremely calm and deep breathing. This is during meditation so, to be able to get to utmost tranquility. I think it will take a while with me.

Except for breathing, your posture is just as important. With a bent back and collapsed organs you can’t get the best out of yourself. Therfore straighten your back as far as possible by pressing your chest forward and take a pleasant sitting position. This could be cross-legged but it can also be a lying position on your back. Your organs are now free to work well so you can breathe good.relax with meditation

A meditation environment.

Rest is the meditation’s thread. Without a quiet environment you cannot meditate and you will not get calm. Therefore plan a moment of the day with plenty of time. It doesn’t matter if it is in the morning or in the evening. Soothing music can work but total silence is also very nice, I love the silence. You can better focus on your own thoughts I think. If you choose for the sitting position, the bare ground is not a pleasant place. A nice solution is a meditation cushion c/o that is specially designed to be comfortable while meditating. The cuchion conforms to your posture and in most cases you can fill the cushion or retrieval so that you can determine the desired height yourself. Ideal!

If you like scents, lavender and sacred wood can provide for a calming or soothing effect. You can light a candle or heat a few drops of essential oil. If you feel cold quickly, like me, it is advisable to bring the room to a temperature or to use a Yoga blanket for extra warmth. That time you sit still, your body cools off easily by a few degrees. Not every meditation is equal. Try to hold on ten minutes in the beginning and slowly build up to half an hour.meditation gear

Handy apps.

We live in a modern era, so for everything is an app. It makes sence that te first time you have no idea how to start, how long your sessions must last or what your goal is. Through apps, Smiling Mind, Stop Breathe and Think Buddhify(It is paid and cost €5)you get the guidance you need and you can choose varietes of meditation to try.

The power of repetition.

At first it may feel uncomfortable to you. You could get the feeling that you’re impatient, it is not for you because you can’t sit still or you can percieve it as confrontational. As with many things in life, repetition is important to discover your way of meditating. After a few times you will discover what position you like best, how to breathe and what kind of setting works for you. Do not give up on yourself, but allow your body and mind to adjust to your new way of relaxing.castor and meditation

This is what Lisanne of SuperYoga told me about meditation. I will have a stopwatch beside me otherwise I think I will look at my phone every minute. And I think I will start with five minutes. I actually look forward to start meditating. I will keep you all informed!

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