And the second and last week of the holiday is over. Lets talk about it in MY WEEK.

What did we actually do? Nothing special really. Bought some stuff for the garden and plants for the livingroom, we bought a new television and done things around the house where you do not normally come to. It was quite relaxed, and now normal life starts again. That means exercise, healthy eating and drinking less!(alcohol that is) Lol! Not that we drink a lot, not at all, but during the holiday we drink more often than normal. Shall I delete this sentence, you might think something about it. Ah well, you know me already a bit!

We went to the optician to adjust the oxyview and to put in the proper glasses because it was delivered with fake ones. I hope I’ll get them back this week. And we were invited by my sister to have dinner with her and her partner. She can cook delicious food! We had for starters smoked salmon with shrimps and horseradish, asparagus as maine course with all the trimmings and homemade pesto with hazelnut. And for dessert a cheese plate with homemade chutney and a glass of Pedro Ximenez. A cheeseplatter is my favorite dessert. It was lovely and very cozy. You should know that my sister and I for years, I think for 15 years, had no contact at all. I am happy to have some contact again with her and her partner.

It was time again to get ridd of the grey hairs at the hairdresser and I went to the pedicurist and she made something beautiful of my nails again. I asked her if I was allowed to put a picture of her and her intern on my blog.

And we have taken my in-laws out for diner because they always look after the cats when we are in England. Always when we get home from vacation, there’s a bunch of flowers on the table. Castor played, she loves me she loves me not, with them!

Have a fantastic week everyone!

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20 thoughts on “MY WEEK

  1. Hi Nancy
    I am off visiting relatives but wanted to stop by! Sounds like a nice week. Like your pedi! I am due for one myself, I like the gel pedis as they last me months. I am a wine snob I admit, I love a good glass of Spanish wines and also like my cheese. Sounds like a lovely week, and yea! for black and gold. Pretty jacket ad my dad’s favorite Steeler colors.
    Thanks for linking up with TH Tuesday
    jess xx

    • That is so nice of you to stop by! Thank you! This pedi is a gel one, I love that too. Also use gel for my fingernails. I will make a Picture especially for you of what I am about to snack in a while! Enjoy your weekend Jess!

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