A report from our trip to England.

This is the second and last week of our vacation, we always take two weeks in May/June and two weeks in August/September. Last week we went to England. Previous years we always went to England in the spring and to Ibiza in September, but since I can not fly anymore we go twice a year to England. I’m totally addicted to England, I would like to live there. It is such a beautiful country and the people are so social and nice. We always go to Sussex, to the same B&B with such wonderful people, truly a joy to be there. Once I can see the Cliffs on the boat, I get the jitters. We had a great time and the weather was wonderful.

What did we eat in England?

Well I had eaten a delicious roast off the day with all the trimmings in a pub, but it looked so good that I completely forgot to take a picture of it. haha, very sorry but here is an impression of other great food we ate in England!

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What did we do in England?

As we have so often been to Sussex, we have seen the most of it. But we are not adventurous and love to go more often to the same places. I love Brighton and we’ve been ther all day, shopping and strolling on the Pier (there is a great Mac store in Brighton!). We also went to Hever Castle were Anne Boleyn lived. It is a very nice castle but also the story about King Henry Vlll is lovely to read, and the castle has got a beautiful garden.

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What did I wear in England?

I find it always more difficult to pack for England because the weather can be so diverse. So I always try to pack dresses were you can wear leggings underneath and a cardigan over it. As we are always out in the UK you would not want to wear yere clothing and not too fancy, but you also want to look a bit stylish right?

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I hope you liked to read a bit of my holiday! I wish you all a great week!

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32 thoughts on “MY HOLIDAY IN ENGLAND

  1. What gorgeous pictures and lovely outfits. I always forget to take a picture of my food too because I’m always in a hurry to eat it.

  2. Wow loved this post Nancy, Loved seeing all the things you did and the food you eat, The meals looks so familiar to me especially the english breakfast! I would eat this everyday if I could haha. Love all your outfits too you are right it’s so hard to dress here and even harder If you are away from home and living from a suitcase. Looks like you had a great time. Do you ever travel any further north when you visit the UK?


    • What a lovely comment Gemma, I really appreciate that! Well we plan to, but I love the South so much. We have been to York and South Wales but thats the most North!

      • Yes I must agree if I ever go on holiday within the UK we always head South. Where I live it’s the middle of England in Leicestershire so easy to get to most places from there. Have a great day! Gemma x

  3. Ik associeer Engeland niet bepaald met lekker eten, maar je hebt blijkbaar toch goed gegeten, oef! 🙂 Ik denk dat ik me nooit echt ga kunnen vinden in een typisch Engels ontbijt…

  4. Looks lovely Nancy! I would love to go to England some day. It looks like you had a very nice time, love the dress with the leather jacket over top. I like to pack light, i imagine it can be tricky when one doesnt know the weather, sounds like you made a good choice with leggings and cardis with the dress. The food looks quite good, yumm the dessert!
    Have a great weekend Nancy,
    Jess xx

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