Today I mix the Military look with joggers!

I already said here were the love for ruffles came from, but this item is also a bit from the same period. The eighties! Only back then we bought these Military  jackets in dump stores. These were stores where they sold clothing and items from the army. We all wore these green trenchcoats and short army green jackets. Well apparently I’ve not changed that much because I still like a Military look. Bur now I’ve mixed it with joggers.

Shopping in stores that you normally pass.

Do you recognize this, that you never go to a particular store because you think they have nothing nice there, and then suddenly you walk pass the store and there it is… a perfect jacket. So you take a look at it, in the store, yes very nice but you walk on because you never buy in that store! Then you go on a holiday and when you get back the item is still dangling in the back of your head. Okay, you look at it on the internet and again and again, and then you decide  to subscribe to the newsletter, who knows there are still more nice items and you don’t want to miss that do you? So a few days later, just when you decided to buy the jacket, you get a mail that they have a family night in your village were they give you a 30% discount on everything and you may reserve. Well, you know it by now: I bought the jacket! But sometimes you have that, that you never shop in a particular store and then suddenly you see something that you like very much. So you see again that you should never juge a book by it’s cover!(wink)

Styling joggers.

I’ve shown these joggers before here. As it is obvious to wear this jacket on jeans or a leather leggings, I thought it would be nice to style it in a more unusual way. And then I thought of the joggers. Because the jacket and the joggers are dark, I thought that adding a bit of color would be the right thing to do. But I wanted to show you a bright color and a soft tone. I find the outfit with the brighter red top most succesful. Because the jacket is a bit edgy I added some pearls for the contrast. On the pink top outfit I wear a brooche with blue tones and a necklace that I wear as a bracelet because the colors matched so well. My hairdresses had also been creative! Love it!

Now I am curious, wich outfit do you like better?


Joggers: here

Ankle boots: older, but simular here

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Have a fab day!



  1. Awww I love this my friend. You look fabulous, one of your best outfits yet! I love when people create pantsuit-like outfits with non-suit pieces like you did here. Both the military jacket and your joggers are beyond fabulous! Love them both.

    Welcome by my friend! <3 Ada.

  2. First of all, that military jacket is amazing! Love it! I have to say I love both outfits, you style them each in a fun, edgy and unique way. And you hair looks great!

    xo, jackie

  3. I avoided some shops in the past before because I thought they were not for me only to realise that they stock some nice clothes. The jacket was a great investment, Nancy. It looks amazing with the joggers. I love both looks on you. The red top really makes you shine.

  4. Wow, Nancy! I can see why this jacket stayed on your mind. Talk about a fabulous statement piece! It looks great styled both ways and I am looking forward to seeing you wear it more in the future. Oh, I cannot wait to see your new booties!

  5. I love your military-style jacket! Glad you decided to get it! And I love how you mixed things up with the joggers and then added the pearls! I really can’t decide which look I like better; I think they both look great! And it probably would depend on my mood that day which top I would choose…

  6. Love this jacket! The cut looks great on you! So glad that you went back and got it, that discount would have pushed me over the edge, I would have picked it up too.

    I really like the jacket with the joggers, the pinstripe is a really cool feature. My favorite is with the red top, I am more drawn to it, and it contrasts well with the navy.

    Your hair is so cool! Love the fun updo!

    • Thank you for your lovely comment! I also like the one with the red top the best. I love the outfit but I would also love to wear the jacket on my leather leggings and a white long blouse!

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