What am I wearing today?

Is it a maxi skirt or a strapless dress? I will show you. But first lets talk about ,, bingo wings”. I mentioned a problem here. When I work out at my physiotherapist’s place, I always wear sleeveless shirts. And in the gym one wall is a mirrored wall. A few months ago I was walking on the treadmill, in front of the mirror wall, and thought: oh my, I ‘ve got some ugly arms! I blamed the ugly fluorescent lights that are never flattering and didn’t pay any attention anymore. Until I looked back at the pictures for this post. It wasn’t the light! It were just my arms getting old! Damn! I know that when youre over whatever age, you should not wear sleeveless anymore , but I didn’t really think about it. Now I know I can never wear sleeveless anymore. On the one hand I think, you should not be bothered by it, but on the other hand it’s just ugly. I was thinking of skipping this outfit but….I ‘m not twenty anymore and with me it is, what you see is what you get, kind a thing. I don’t use filters, I always look like you see me!

Okay, but what am I wearing? A maxi skirt or strapless dress?

It’s a skirt. And a matching top. It has to be real hot before I wear a maxi  skirt. I don’t know why, I never wear a maxi skirt when it’s below 22 degrees or so. The camisole has got golden threads in it and the straps on the slippers are also gold colored. But because the skirt has an elastic waistband, you can also wear it like a dress!……when your young….or younger.Well, I’ll stop now about aging and the body change that comes along with it! Done! I wear a necklace and bracelet made from shells. Very summery.  Enjoy your week!


Skirt: older, but looking for a simular one I saw this dress here! To die for! But I also saw maxi skirts for great prices here

Top: simular here

Slippers: great ones here

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  1. Wow this is a great post Nancy, I love the skirt worn in all ways but especially belted for the dress option. I know how you feel about arms, I feel like mine are a problem for me but I’m just going with it at the moment. Have a lovely day. Gemma x

  2. I’ve just started wearing maxis—and I think they are fabulous!!
    I like your combos and how your skirt has that sheen at the bottom hem!
    As for our arms—it’s all just part of the privilege of aging—what I want to know is why we consider it ugly? I think if we start touting the changes as beautiful, maybe we’ll start being okay with it! Because we can’t really change it and I’m not sure I want to cover up everything the rest of my life!!

    • You are totally right and I should see it just as you say, the privilege of aging! I think that is what I am going to call it from now on! You couldn’t have said it more beautiful. It’s just that in my head I am much younger then I am!

    • Je hebt helemaal gelijk, door al die opmerkingen kijk ik er nu ook wel iets anders tegenaan! Grappig he! Ik zou het leuk vinden als ik je een keer zie op mijn Fancy Friday linkup!

  3. I love this skirt. I discovered maxi’s last summer and you’ve now given me ideas on how to use, really use, my black maxi skirt. Great post. Thanks. So know what you mean about arms. I don’t do sleeveless in the office anymore nor out with people I know. Oh well.

  4. I love this skirt (now I have clear that it is a skirt). I like the color, the color scheme. And I like the design. When you use the skirt as a dress, the proposal is beautiful.

  5. Oh Nancy you are so adorable, you looking stunning in these dresses, I love your blog every-time something new to know thanks for sharing.

  6. I think every women regardless of age has something they don’t necessary like about themselves, you my love…. #hotmama Love the skirt with the tank 😉
    Thank you for linking up with Weekend Wear,

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