A compilation of my last summer outfits!

These are the last summer outfits I’m afraid. After this, I can no longer escape from the Fall collections. So it seemed fun to show pictures of my favorite outfits from last summer. But then worn in a different way then you already have seen. I usually show an outfit once, maybe I’ll show it a second time differently, and high rarely I will post it for a third time. But than I must be really fond of that skirt or dress. But of course I wear those clothes more then once, and often in a bit different way than I showed you. I like my outfits without lots of prints and simple. I wear almost only my Michael Kors  jewelry and nothing else. I do wear a lot of different earrings and sometimes an anklet, but that’s about it. I hope you like this!maxi dress in last summer outfits

This is how I wore it. I had no inspiration at all, but Tiina from Elegance Revisited told me how I could wear it in another way. And this way I liked it more! Thank you Tiina!

Here is how you saw it. I love this skirt, I will show you the skirt in Fall with a sweater and boots. I wasn’t really mawing the lawn! Haha.

checkered skirt in last summer outfits

This is how I wore it. I love my white All stars, I have worn them a lot this summer.

Zara dress in last summer outfits

The only thing that is different here are the shoes,

flowerprint skirt in last summer outfits

Here is how you saw it before.

striped skirt in last summer outfits

This is how I wore it in early spring.

blue skirt in last summer outfits

Here is how I wore it before.

The featured image is my absolute favorite. You saw it before here. So now the holiday is almost over, we have this week left. There will be a lot of shopping involved! I already have seen some beautiful skirts and ankle boots. I love ankle boots. And I love the Fall colors. I will show you how our vacation in England was soon.

I wish you all a great day!

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33 thoughts on “LAST SUMMER OUTFITS

  1. Such a fun post, Nancy! I loved seeing your summer outfits again, but this time with a twist! Very nicely done!

    I can just feel your excitement about fall shopping! Looking forward to seeing what you’ll get! 🙂

    • Thank you Andrea. I don t feel like shopping right now, it s realy hot here in the Netherlands. We still have a few days of Holiday this week so we are going to enjoy the sun. We are going to Giethoorn, I don t know if you ever heard of that place? I will show some pictures. Enjoy your day!

  2. I say yes to squeezing in last minute summer looks! I love all of your summer looks. By the way those sandals in the first picture are beyond amazing!

    xo, jackie

  3. I love all your looks and it’s was fun to see you mowing the lawn! LOL My favorites are the black and white checked skirt with the flannel tied at the waist, love the combo of colors and patterns and the shoes look great. My other favorite is the last, the blue, black, white combo. Love the pattern on the skirt the fabric is lovely and striking and once again, the shoes look great and I bet you not only look stylish but you are comfortable, an unbeatable combo!

    • Thank you, yes comfort is very important to me because I have enough uncomfortable things because of my lungs. I don’t want to have to worry about my clothing too!

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