me in houndstooth culotte
November 29, 2016

Houndstooth or Pied-de-poule culotte?

But first I want to thank everyone for the sweet comments on last Friday’s post. It’s incredibly nice to have such a group of readers! Thank you!

I’ve always called this print Pied-de-poule, but it is originally from the Scottish Lowlands so I will call it from now on houndstooth. I’ve always liked this print very much. I can recall various garments with houndstooth print from long ago. I can also remember my grandmother wore it before when she was going to a party in the 70 s. It has something sophisticated, classy, movie stars, 50-60 ish. Alexander Mcqueen has created a beautiful collection with this print in 2009.

My houndstooth culotte!

I have told you several times that I really like the culotte, I have also bought one last year. But I could not get used to it, well I have to say quite honestly that the fit was not good either. But when I saw this houndstooth culotte I knew I had to have. I put it on my wishlist and waited a week to make sure I really wanted it and then bought it! Andrea knew I was going to buy it didn’t you! Lol. I personally think the houndstooth is best combined with black and a touch of red, but cobalt blue is also very pretty with it. And a sleeveless turtleneck with pumps would look very classy too. I wear a bow blouse on it and simple black ankle boots. This culotte is quite high in the waist. Last Sunday we went out for diner with friends(a present for my birthday, sweet huh!)and I didn’t wear the culotte then. I think I would have needed double corrective underwear! That’s with such high waisted pants, you have to hold in your belly!

Culotte: here

Blouse:old, but other one here

Ankle boots:old, but great ones here

Friday I have a giveaway! My very first! There is a funny story behind it.You have to join the linkup to win, so look up a nice picture and If you don’t know how the linkup works, just mail me and I’ll explain it all! I will already hint a bit: leopard print!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Yes, I knew you were going to buy them! 😉 And I can see that you had to! They really are very nice. Houndstooth is such a nice, classic print. And the culottes fit you very well. I think it’s not easy to find a pair that works, so when you find one, you should get it!

    I’m also obsessed with the red boots you recently got! They are also fabulous! 🙂

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  2. How chic are these culottes?! They’re one of those styles I’ve yet to try, but I’m slowly inching my way towards giving them a go. I didn’t see many stylings I liked for summer, but I’ve seen a few autumn looks like this with sleek ankle boots, and I feel like I could do this. I wasn’t sure what top to wear with them, but I have a bow blouse just like this in pink, so the outfit formula is starting to feel more approachable and doable. Thanks for the inspiration!

    <3 Liz

  3. I am a major, major lover of houndstooth anything. These culottes are so pretty on you!! That top looks great with the pattern and so does the pop of red from your bracelet.


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