Guest blogging for Nina!

Today I am guest blogging for Nina. Nina’s blog is called a World of Dresses. And as the title suggests, she always wears dresses! How awesome is that! She has even raised money for a charity with her dresses. Doing well Nina! I think Nina is a powerful woman, she recently moved to Spain to work there and learn the language better. I think she has her social life on the roll in no time. It’s fun to follow her adventures there. She’s also planning on visiting Amsterdam so we could perhaps meet with each other. How crazy is that! I would love to meet you Nina!

Guest bloggers wanted!

I stated it a few times in my blog that I’m looking for guest bloggers. I want to include a series of women, don’t have to be only bloggers, who want to talk about their style. It’s not going to be a interview. Just a nice story of how you came to your style, how long do you have this style, were did you get this style, why do you love your style etc. And it would be nice if you  add pictures of your style that reflects your personality. If you are interested you can send me an email via the contact page. I’ll set an example and hope you find this so much fun that you want to join!

My style

My passion for fashion appparently started very early because my  grandparents told me long time ago a story: I was four years old and I could pick out some new shoes. And I just wanted black patent leather shoes! Nothing else. There you have it! When I was in my puberty(14) I began to develope my style. Not that I wore pencilskirts at that age, lol, but I began to love music that nobody else in  my environment loved. It started with The Cure, then Siouxie & the Banshees and more New Wave, hardrock and Punk. And if you loved this kind of music you wore black. So while friends wore colorful dresses, I wore black. Black clothes, big earrings, big hair! No scarves, necklaces, or brooches, just gold colored big earrings.

Hasn’t my style changed over the years?

Over the years my style changed into lots of pencilskirts and dresses. Always a bit fussy with a cool item( don’t know if that is correct), what I mean is a pencilskirt with a studded belt for example. That’s what I liked and still do. I sometimes wore gray or brown but my wardrobe concisted almost exclusively of black garments and golden accesories. Since blogging more color came into my wardrobe. And I like color now, but when I wear a black outfit I feel most myself. I still wear almost no accesories, often or larger earrings, or bracelets but almost never at the same time. In terms of shoes my tast stayed almost the same. I was and am fond of ankle boots and preferably with a nice heel, but because my lung capacity is not very big, I keep my heels not to high. And what does my style say about my personality? I don’t like a mess, I want everything clean and organised, I know exactly what I do and do not want, I have a strong will, I never walk away from a challenge, I’m not easily approachable( well, I am but people think I’m not!) and I’m not the easiest person to be with! Duh.

I hope to see a mail with a story about your style!

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Thank you Nina and I wish you all a fabulous week!



  1. I loved reading a bit more about how your style has developed. I love that you keep things simple but add one or two unexpected or special pieces!

    I promise to participate in your style series at some point (I think I said November before, but I think I lied; it’ll probably be over winter break, in December…).

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  2. I find it educational to read about how your (and other women’s) style does and doesn’t change over time. For me, dressing up is more recent (about a decade) so it took a while for me to recognize my personal style. Interestingly my blog-readers sensed it before I did. We tend to make similar choices over and over.

  3. I am GaGa over the first three outfits. You have great style and it is clear you know what you love and you wear it with confidence. I loved hearing about your choices oif shoes when you were 4, I had a similar experience, and also knew what I loved early in life. I am sorry your lung function has to enter into your shoe choice, but you wear it well, and I admire your gusto !
    ( I have problems with my airway, that can be tricky, so I love to distract myself with fashion, flowers, and books!
    Stay well, loved this piece!
    xx, Elle

  4. Loved getting to know you a bit better and how your style has evolved over the years. You have great sense of style and your confidence shines thru. Thanks for sharing with us.

    xo, jackie

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