Today I’m wearing green leather, lace and pleats!

I’ve been waiting quite a while with shopping for some new autumn clothes. Normally I am so exited that I want to buy in August all kinds of things. And that is always to early, because if you wait a few weeks longer there is much more choice. I had planned to go shopping for a day when we got back home from England. I looked forward for it for days, but I also worry a lot about it. Can I keep up with it, how can I shop as efficiently as possible, what if I am dead tired after one shop, then the disappointment is so big. These kind of thoughts dampen the enthousiasm considerably. I wanted to shop at Zara, Douglas and Primark and to do that efficiently Arnhem was the most logical choice. And Gerben likes Arnhem too, not unimportant! Well, I enjoyed it! We shopped for five hours! (and had lunch of course). I bought so many beautiful clothes! I was totally happy. Today I’ll show you the green leather, lace and pleats outfit.

A monochrome look.

At Primark it was very quiet, so I had the space to brows and so I did. Just threw everything I liked into the bag and then went to the fitting rooms were I could take everything with me because it was so quiet! Yes, I like that. I bought tops and sweaters. At Douglas I wanted to buy MAC cosmetics and the makeup artist took the time for me, that was great too! Then Gerben and I agreed to have lunch, he had shopped somewhere else, he doesn’t want to go into a Primark. We ate outside were we could watch people passing by. And after lunch I wanted to shop at Zara, Gerben went along because I think he always has a good look on what suits me and what doesn’t. And there I bought this green leather, lace and pleats outfit. Among many other items that I all will show! Because dressing is tiring for me, Gerben brought other sizes to me when I needed a bigger or smaller size. At one point he comes back with some clothes at the desk and the person there said to him: Men are not allowed to fit here. Gerben held the skirts and dresses up and asked, do you think this will fit me then? Hahaha, we had a good laugh.

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How to style a monochrome look?

Of course it’s all very personal, I give you my opinion, it is of course not to say that it is correct…for me it is! Use different fabrics with different textures. That’s really it. I’m wearing leather, lace, pleats, and I also bought a knitted sweater in the same color. Different textures!


Jacket: here

Skirt: here

Top: Primark


Shoes: old, but I love these too here

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I wish you all a fabulous day!



  1. Wow Nancy!!
    I can truthfully say that even though I rarely style a monochromatic look, this one is stunning. And I think you’re right—it’s the textures!
    How nice of your husband to be your personal shopper—it sounds like you had a terrific time. And don’t you just love shopping when there aren’t the crowds?

  2. I really like this mix of textures! This is a beautiful look and I love the leather and lace mix. I very rarely do monochrome looks, but maybe I will try them your way. 🙂

  3. Wat een prachtige outfit, ik vind de kleur geweldig en zo mooi gecombineerd met de verschillende stoffen/materialen (bedankt voor de tip 🙂 ). Echt een toppertje deze combi 🙂

  4. This is the right way to do a monochrome look and Olive is such a hot color for Fall. Your skirt, shoes, blouse and jacket are gorgeous. I actually own an almost identical olive moto jacket but left mine behind in Albania. So nice that your man loves shopping with you. 😉

    You look fabulous Nancy. Thanks for linking up. Did you see that you were one of my featured bloggers, last week?

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