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And it is time for the Fancy Friday linkup. I must say that I love being busy with  the Fancy Friday linkup. Every week I see new faces and I think that is great! I hope you are also discovering new bloggers(for you) again. I also think it’s great fun to see who the last week most viewed was. I am a person who always set goals for herself and my next goal is to also choose every week my favorite. But… I will do that when Fancy Friday hit 100 linkups! So I’m now halfway! I would appreciate it if you would help me reach my goal and promote the Fancy Friday linkup!

Is it a dress or skirt?

I had not planned on shopping in England because I had a shopping day planned in the Netherlands, but you will agree with me that I could not let this one hang. But first I will show you this brooche and ring. The ring is selfmade from waste of materials the maker uses. So simple but so beautiful. The brooche is a funny story. When we were in Hastings in May, I told gerben I wanted to find in an antique shop an authentic brooche. I then found a very nice one and when we got home I asked Gerben to clean it for me(I’m a bit weird in that area, I assumed it was a second hand one, and then think that the person who wore it before is perhaps deceased and I don’t touch it then until it is cleaned, read decontaminated. So Gerben knows me by now and cleaned it very well and I was happy with it. And then I lost it! Don’t no where, don’t know when(?) I regretted that very much because it was not just a brooche, it was a brooche from my beloved England! I decided to buy a new one the next time. So, we went to the same shop and I was looking for another one when the lady asked me if I was looking for something special. I told her the story of the brooche ( not the decontaninating thing) and she said: Did you buy this one? What????? She had two more of them! I thought it was authentic! But I had my brooche back!( I am sorry, it’s not the best picture but I am running late and have no time taking a new one)brooche and ring in DRESS OR SKIRT? & FANCY FRIDAY LINKUP

And we still have the question, is it a dress or skirt?

A while ago I showed you my maxi skirt wich I actually prefer to wear as a dress. When I saw this dress I knew immediatly that I would never wear it as a dress, but it would be a great skirt! I find the colors so beautiful and the print of the leaves and flowers makes this skirt a fabulous autumn skirt. I bought it in Rye on the market for five pounds!

Blouse: here

Boots: old, but from the same brand here

This is where I link up!

Last week most viewed is: Susan from Over 50 under 20. Be sure you check her blog!


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  2. The brooch story is funny, glad you got it back. I would have cleaned it up well, too. As far as this dress,I prefer it worn as a maxi skirt. The mustard is perfect for Fall especially with black like you paired it here. Great job. Did you see that you were one of my featured bloggers last week? Loved your look.

    Best of luck with your linkup! <3 Ada.

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  4. I would have never guessed it was a dress! What a great styling idea. It looks great styled as a skirt, the print is so pretty. Thanks for The Friday link up! Have a great weekend!

    xo, Jackie

  5. Nancy, the colors in your dress/skirt are so magnificent! I love it styled both ways! And I really enjoyed your story about the brooch. Just a tiny tip…once I started sending reminder emails about my link up, the link up number grew very quickly. If you have any questions about it, please feel free to email me!

    Have a fabulous weekend.


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