The outfit of the day is a camouflage leggings & denim dress.

What! I hear you say. Leggings! Yes! And I’ll make it worse….on Friday you get to see another…. one with a leopard print. Be prepared!

Well, okay then, but how to wear camouflage leggings stylish?

First I have to say that you really have to watch out that it’s not going to be a cheap look. If you are sitting at home, watching TV on the couch, there is nothing wrong with leggings and a baggy sweater. You should see how I look like on a Friday night. But please, don’t leave your house on plastic slippers and leggings. Well, I don’t anyway. But I do like them, they come in the most beautiful prints and colors, so why not? If you styled leggings with fabrics like chiffon or, for example as I do, with a denim dress then it gives the outfit a stylish touch and not the cheap look. And not to many accesories and very high heels. That is my opinion, I am not saying that this is the only way to wear leggings stylish! Don’t get me wrong( I hear Chrissy Hynde!).

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The denim dress you have already seen here and here, but I did like the sturdy touch with the camouflage print. At some photos I even look a little tough! Lol. And I like it that the green in the print is a bit of a mint green.  I am very curious how you feel about wearing leggings and what youre thoughts are about mine!

I have already shown previously where the dress and the shoes come from and the leggings you can buy in markets.

Have a great day everybody!

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  1. This is a superbly cool look, Nancy! First, I love all things camouflage as evidenced by my last two link up posts! Second, I always love a denim dress! And you have paired these two fab pieces together in the most perfect way! Amazing! I actually love leggings but tend to wear them more in the cooler months with tunics and sweaters. I tried a few times in the summer, but I never like the way leggings look on me with sandals…I personally need boots with them. But you are really rocking this look, for sure!


    • Thank you very much Shelbee! I also love them with boots, I hadn’t been wearing them for years, but more I rediscovered them! And camo print is great right!

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