Simplicity with boyfriendjeans and a bird print tee.

Sometimes, just sometimes I like to wear a pair of jeans. I then prefer a boyfriend jeans with a blouse and heels or a nice tee like today. Bird prints on dresses or shirts I always find nice.  I still remember that when I went to live on my own, yeah yeah long time ago, I had in my bedroom wallpaper with swallows, just like this tee only the wallpaper was white and blue. I think a bird print radiates something comforting, relaxing. Or I just like Alfred Hitchcock!

Why don’t I like jeans?

Well, I’ve always been a dresses and skirts girl, but jeans I always associate as being boring and a ,,just walk with what the rest is wearing” item. It also comes from the time I worked in the east of the country, everyone there wore jeans, really everyone! Women who didn’t even like jeans, did not want to stand out so they wore jeans. The mentality there was not fine, a little underhanded, hidebound(is that a correct word?do you know what I mean?).  So I compare that mentality with jeans or the other way round actually. It of course makes no sense for whole tribes wear jeans and are not underhanded and know how to wear a pair of jeans in a fun, stylish or just relaxed way.

And now do not put all your jeans outfits as a protest in the linkup! Haha!

Enjoy your weekend!


Jeans: here

Sandals: I have shown these before, a view left here

Tee: from Primark, but I saw a fabulous blouse here

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63 thoughts on “BOYFRIENDJEANS, BIRD PRINT TEE & linkup

  1. Hi Nancy, you don’t like jeans, but they fits you very well 😉
    Just in this time I discover skirts back for me and I’m in love with 50tys dresses.
    Jeans have also a nice place in my wardrobe.
    Wish you a wonderfull weekend, you look great in jeans 🙂

  2. I know what you mean about jeans, they’re like a uniform of sorts. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with jeans, sometimes I can’t stand them, and sometimes I seem to live in them (in winter).
    I like your casual rocker vibe here.

  3. Nancy,

    First, thanks so much for the feature! What fun and always a lovely surprise to find while drinking coffee!

    Second, you look so great in jeans! You are totally rocking this look! I absolutely love bird prints (but only bird prints…in reality, I despise birds…like the live version of them…they freak me out completely…I think it is an Alfred Hitchcock thing!) But this outfit is superb! I absolutely love it! And it is always fun to see a blogger step outside of the style zone that we are used to seeing them in (for you dresses and skirts).

    Have a fabulous weekend!


  4. I really like the boyfriend jean trend, however it doesn’t like me! Don’t get me wrong, I love to wear jeans, but in a different cut. I love your style Nancy. And always look forward to seeing what gorgeous dress your’e wearing in your latest post. Don’t ever think it’s boring ! Thank you for hosting x

  5. I totally understand what you’re saying about the jeans!
    It’s like the stereotypical American tourist thing and what I said about jeans and a t-shirt!
    However, I do think you can upgrade the look, and you show that here!
    The heels make a fabulous statement…and of course, I’m a sucker for a great jacket!!
    Happy Weekend!!

  6. First, I had blue and white swallows wallpaper, too!!!

    Second, I think this is a jeans look that is anything but boring and well put together. I think there is such a difference in how you wear jeans. A jeans and a tee can look pretty boring and not flattering. But your combo looks great! I really think you should wear jeans more often because you look great wearing them! 🙂

    Thanks for the link up & happy weekend!

  7. I don’t wear jeans that much either and don’t own a pair of BF jeans but I do love this outfit which makes you look super tall and lean. Love the gladiator stilettos and that fun bird-print tee. I have a bird-print dress which I love.

    Come linkup with me beautiful Nancy. Also, would love for you to co-host with me sometimes. How does the first week of October sound? Let me know. Thanks.

    <3 Ada.

  8. Well, you certainly look great in jeans, even if you don’t care to wear them! Your olive, bird tee is so cute and those strappy heels are Fabulous. i like wearing jeans, but am really a dress and skirt kind of girl.

  9. Hi Nancy!
    I love the shoes, and the whole look really, Casual, comfort. The jeans are a perfect fit, I am a fan of boyfriend jeans, but I too, as many pairs as I have, prefer dresses! You have a great figure, so you can wear anything!
    Have a great day!
    jess xx
    Stop by if you can, let me know what you think of my skin care review.

    • Thank you Izabela! It s Summer here as it hasn t been in months! I am realy enjoying the sun reading my new Nicci French! I hope the weather with you is as good as here!

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