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Hi, my name is Nancy. I am a 50+ Dutch fashion blogger. On my blog I like to write about fashion, and all the things that we women like. Every Friday I host the Fancy Friday linkup and every first Tuesday of the month I present you the Styled By….. series. But I also want to take you with me in things that happen in my life with my boyfriend and two cats but also with my lungdisease. I have actually an inherited disease of the lungs, and that is why I don’t work anymore. I am visiting doctors to get on the transplantlist. But most important is to enjoy life to the fullest! And blogging is a part of that! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact.


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        • That is so great to hear. And she has a future again! Did she have an disease which she was born with too? I have to go to the hospital tomorrow and see if I have to be screened yet. Thank you for your comment. Greet your mother for me! 🙂

          • Oh my, you bring tears in my eyes. I appreciate that! I have been to my hospitalisatie Today and have to come back in six months. I am too ,,good,, now for being on the list! Send my love to your mum!

  1. Hi Nancy, Thank for sharing your wonderful blog with us I must have to say you are amazing. Bless you girl looking forward to more beautiful articles from you. Good Work, Keep It Up !!!

  2. Hi dear.
    Found you on Instagram just few minutes ago and read your history.
    I am fashion-addicted as well so I do appreciate your blog!!
    Sincerely I guess you all the best


  3. Just read your story. I was impressed by your words… You are a coragious girl! ( and look great too !! ) Best wishes for your health. Hope everything will go well…a hug!
    P. S.
    A kiss to your two sweet little Friends !!

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