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[bctt tweet=”40 plus fashion, shorts! Do you wear shorts over 40? I did!” username=”Nancys Fashion Style”]

I think shorts are not exactly a very stylish garment. It’s often just a bit to masculine for my taste. Exept when you’re in your twenties, then everything still looks good. Well, I am way past that! But for cycling, for example, wearing a short is very handy as with pencilskirts I cycle automatically with my knees together, wich looks strange. And with a dress or a wide skirt, the wind is blowing underneath and you’re constantly trying to keep your skirt down.

Okay, shorts it is! But a bit stylish right!

As you get older, your body changes(duh), and over the past few months it’s like gravity is winning on my thighs and upper arms. (on Wednesday I will be posting an outfit that I really can’t wear any longer without a cardigan!) Awful! Like Oprah Winfrey once said: everything is pointing to the South as you get older! Yeah…it is. Well, in my case. I have to just wear a slightly longer shorts ….. and cover my upper arms….and sports even more fanatic!

Have a fantastic weekend!


Shorts: here

The rest is old.


Nancy's Fashion Style

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52 thoughts on “40 PLUS FASHION SHORTS! + LINKUP

  1. I love the shirt, it has a beautiful stamp. The shoes are cute, stylish and beautiful. And shorts are perfect and beautiful in you. A look blend of elegance and informality, but very balanced, aesthetically.

    • Thank you Josep_maria. You make it sound a lot more interresting than I see it! I vallue your opinion and love your comments. Have a great weekend!

  2. It’s a very classy, classic, preppy outfit! And we all get older, every year. Because my mother died a week before her 55th birthday, I’ve decided to think that getting older is something to celebrate, not something to hide. Yes, our bodies age, so what? I think it’s time the world gets used to seeing women of all ages, shapes and sizes being themselves instead of conforming to some ridiculous beauty ideals that dictate we should never look older than 25. I plan on becoming one fierce, mean old lady one day, and wearing whatever I please…

    • Well, being a person with a serious illness, I also agree we have to celebrate getting older. But the changed on my body I really dont like. And they just happen over night!! Really! You dont get the time to get used to it! It is just there! But the pictures of next Wednesday show some ugly arms and I thought of making new ones, but decided against it. I agree with you that we are not in our twenties and dont look like we do, so therefore I will show the pictures because it is just me! And I can see you as an fierce, not mean, old Lady one day…..one day

  3. Nancy, I think you have fabulous legs and upper arms! You look gorgeous in this outfit. So chic and stylish! I love that you paired pumps with your shorts, too, keeping a usually casual piece of clothing looking sophisticated! And I say, YES! to becoming fierce old ladies rocking what we want on our old bodies!

    Have a fabulous weekend!


    • Thank you Jodie, it depends,I, think, on what kind of shorts you’re wearing. This one is more of the dressing up kind! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  4. I really have no issues with wearing shorts, I think it’s about finding a style and length that makes you feel comfortable. I struggle with shorts in the longer length since it makes me look really stumpy but I like the idea of wearing it with heels like you here.

    Thank you for hosting and hope you are having a fab week!


    Hope to see you for TBT Fashion link up.

    • Hi! How lovely of you to stop by! And with gorgious shoes yourself too! Thank you very much for linking up. Hope to see more of you. Have a great weekend!

  5. Hi Nancy, I’ve got past caring about what others think re shorts. I was an avid carer 10 years ago and didn’t wear them. Now I go with practicality. Mind you I don’t think I’d let friends see me in shorts unless we were on vacation together. I’ve just done a mini blog on them as I am wearing them on holiday. I think it’s like long hair, eek every bit out whilst you can and by the looks of it you can!

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  7. I’m finding as I get older shorts are not my go to outfit. I wear casuals around the house but when I go out I prefer a skirt or Capri pants instead. You look sensational in these photos.

  8. What fabulous legs you have! Love how you rock the short. Our body changes with time but after all, age is nothing but a number. Let’s just enjoy life to our fullest 🙂

  9. These white, knee-length shorts are terrific on you, dear Nancy…but it’s the tee that really caught my eye!! I LOVE the colours and the vaguely abstract pattern (it’s an oversized flower, right?!) And your curly ponytail has me totally envious…I’ve always been a fan of curly hair!! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog!! XO

    • Thank you for your lovely comment!.yes, it it’s a flower, I bought it on a leather skirt and a yellow cardigan. The colors did it for me too!

  10. Hello legs! Nancy, you look great in your shorts.Seriously you can rock them anyday 🙂 And I love that top on you, very chic!
    Have a great week!

    xo, jackie

  11. Wow!! Nancy, another great blog post I love it your sunglasses, you looking gorgeous in this lovely outfit and beautiful sunglasses 🙂

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